Blazer: Zara / Top: Zara / Scarf: LV / Jeans: Replay / Shoes: Zara

Hi dolls :) I'm back from a lovely vacation with my boyfriend. I arrived yesterday after a 9 hour flight, and usually me and my jet leg will spend our time in bed, but this time I had to start studying immediately because I had an intake exam today for the university...So bye bye holiday mood. A person once said: Life's a b*tch, and that person is so right. But some things just need to happen and I passed my intake exam, so it's all fine now :)

Hi guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates (I already got some complaints haha), but I'm on vacation right now in South America, and enjoying it to the fullest. Here are some pictures that I took the past week: e.g. my new ruffle top with tan leather straps (love it) and some random summer pictures to make you guys jealous ;) x

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