After seeing this DIY skirt at several blogs, my creative side came alive and I started to sew my but off haha. This is the result! What do you think?

Inspired by the most amazing show ever, Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer '10


This is an outfit of the 21st of April, I forgot to upload it. As you can see one day I wear boots and the other day I wear shorts (that's today)...The weather is changing like crazy!

I'm in love with my new Zara shorts!


The sun is shining, so Phyl is happy!

Top: H&M / Skirt: H&M Trend / Necklace: Chanel



Just ordered @ Topshop!

P.S: My black Ray Ban Wayfarer died today, R.I.P! Fortunately the murderer himself (my brother) is going to buy me a brand new one...yaaay!


Yesterday I received this beautiful ring from Etsy. I love the colour and the different shapes of the turquoise stones.

I also got a tortoise Ray Ban Wayfarer :)

So my wish list is almost finished!


Hihi look at this italian beauty! I almost immediately crashed it into a tree, so I need a little practice ;)
Doesn't it suit me well?
Can't wait till summer!!


Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to meeeee!
20 years old, so that probably means that I'm not a teenager anymore...We'll see ;)
Enjoy your day my dears, I will enjoy mine!


It's gonna be my birthday soon (9th of April) and I've made a little wish list of things that I really want to have.
  • Turquoise/Gold Ring
  • Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf
  • Ray Ban Wayfarer in Tortoise
These things would be a great addition to my wardrobe for this upcoming summer! I'm also in desperate need of a new plasma tv...Ok not really fashion related but this girl needs a replacement for that old little box that she owns for more than 10 years now ;).

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