Hello there, I know it's been a while but I've been busy with studying and stuff. Even though x-mas holiday started almost everywhere, I'm studying like crazzzy. But if I look outside I have this beautiful view from my house, it's like a winter wonderland park!

Great news to tell you girls...I was hired for an awesome (graduation) internship at a online fashion store with amazing brands (bruuns bazaar, hunter, patrizia pepe etc) which I will start in Februari. So I rewarded myself with a pair of new boots. (New? They're from summer 2009, but I found them on the Internet, and I'm in love with them).

To top it off, I got this amazing present from my uncle; Beats by Dr. Dre. These headphones are the best of the best and help me cancel out all the noise around me; like my mom complaining about me cleaning up my room etc haha.

Happy Holiday sweeties :) where are you gonna spend your holiday? With family, friends? Tell me ♡..

Okay...I can't really call this a look du jour, because the jours are cold and dark and going outside is like being tortured. But this outfit is beyond perfection. You might not know it but I looooooove bright pink! I want that dress, those boots, the sunglasses, the gold watch, but most of all: the weather to wear this gorgeous outfit!!!!

Say hello to my winter depression :(

Geez Louise, It's freeeeeeezing! I drink tea all day long like an alcoholic and I still have the feeling I'm living in a huge ice cube. I'm not made for this weather...enough complaining for today, let me show you some of my new items. I'm in love with my chanel-ish tweed jacket in one of my favourite colours.
Other items on the picture:
  • Dji Dji Italia necklace
  • Seven for all Mankind Olive skinny jeans
  • Studio Uno suede ankle boots

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