Remember me? The girl that started her internship 2.5 weeks ago. Geeeeez louise, I have to get used to having a full time job! Who would ever thought I would say this, but I'm really looking forward to go back to school and live my happy student life.

Ok back to the fashion point...I went to Antwerp with my girls to enjoy some quality time before my internship started, and I was planning to go all out and shop till I drop. Unfortunately that did not happen and I came home with two freaking American Apparel basic deep v-necks...*cricket sound*

But don't worry, I saw a lot of gorgeous stuff and I'm trying to figure out what I should buy first! Why is it always: 'I can't choose!!' or 'I can't find anything' ? Nothing in between.

Oh and btw, I prepared a lot of updates, so stay tuned my dolls! :)

5 Phylosophers:

Anonymous said...

Die shirts zijn supermooi en handig. Je kunt beter lang over iets nadenken dan het in een impuls kopen en het later toch niets vinden.X

Nadine said...

De ketting is praaaaaaaaaaaachtig!! xx

Sher said...

Bummer, I know the Feeling!
p.s Love the necklace

PSbyDila said...

Je ketting is echt prachtig!

Yvette said...

Oooeh ik vind ze wel mooi! Waar heb je ze gescoord?


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