The Fifa World Cup in South-Africa has started! I really enjoy watching all those little clips about South-Africa, the country that I love. I've lived there for 6 months with my boyfriend and when I see those beaches and the Cape Town Stadion, which is so familiar to me because every time I opened the curtains of my window I saw that big beauty :) I really long for going back.

Did you watch the games yesterday? Or are you only gonna watch the games of your own country ;) ?

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Phuong said...

prachtige fotos zeg!!

Krimly said...

woww you were living there 6 months with your bf!! that's great!! I haven't been there before but I really would like to!!

how was you trip to Marbella??


Amber said...

wow mooie foto's zeg!


wow i love the blog and yea i been watch the games my nation (nigeria) lost this morning but oh well there's two more games lol i will be watching and i will be following your blog
thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Mooie foto's!

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