Oh myyyy, I got awarded by 3 lovely girls: Phuong, ღ♥ MY FASH', The Style Safari! Thanks girls, i'm honoured.

I will stick to these rules:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your blog.
3. Link the blogger who nominated you.
4. Share 7 interesting facts.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Here we go, 7 'interesting' facts...Hmmm I'm not sure about that 'interesting' part...

1. I'm nineteen years old, but people ALWAYS think I'm older (like 22, 23, sometimes 26)...I'm not sure if that's a compliment haha. Even my grandma thought that I was 21, and I was 16 at that time.

2. I'm a HUGE (larger than huge) fan of Hermes. Especially the bags and bracelets.

3. I'm addicted to mayonnaise, I can eat it with almost everything. (My friends think I'm disgusting, but I just love that creamy taste)

4. My friends and I always meet in this little old brown lunch cafe, not fashionable or trendy at all (even the opposite), but damn we love that place. When I was in Cape Town, that place was one of the biggest things that I've missed.

5. If you want to kill me, put me in a room with a spider. I'm afraid to death for spiders. (And in this case: size doesn't matter haha)

6. After I get my master degree International Business / Entrepreneurship, I want to open my own designer boutique in the city in which I live. I want to have a beautiful store that will sell Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Seven for All Mankind etc. I hope it's gonna be a success.

7. I'm a family person. I can't be alone and if I notice that I'm alone at home, I get stressed and I'll call my family or boyfriend to ask where they are, because I just like to have MY people around :) I love them too much.

Pfff that was hard, and boring haha!

And the new nominees are......
Live - Love -Luxury , she has a great style and she just started this new blog!
I'm that ChiQ , just because she's cool!
Emma , because her style is so diverse and her chanel collection is to die for.

That's just 3, I know, but hello: it's impossible to find 7 bloggers that don't have this award yet!
Check them out :)

5 Phylosophers:

The Style Safari said...

Nee yoh was helemaal niet saai! Grappig wat je zegt over een spin ' size doesn't matter ' hahaha
Maar ff vraagje: hoe heb je jou layout voor je blog gemaakt??

Sarah said...

Altijd leuk om wat meer te weten te komen achter 'de bloggers'! Weet gelijk een hoop meer van iedereen haha!

ROBINE said...

Leuk om te lezen!
Komt dat boetiekje in Eindhoven? Dan hoop ik echt dat het je gaat lukken, want ik word dan een van je vaste klanten haha :)

Anonymous said...

hermes is idd heel mooi! die riemen, echt heel nice !! ik hoop ook dat je een boutique in Eindhoven gaat opnenen! Zal ik vaak komen !


Heeey meis superleuk gedaan :D En wat gaaf, ook jouw fav plekje is een a-hip tentje haha. Had ik ook toen ik nog in Limburg woonde en soms mis ik t wel! Heerlijk bitterballen eten met mayo & mosterd!

Go open your boutique en heel EGF komt buurten hihi!


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