It really looks like this season is made for me. Have you seen all those nude/taupe items in stores? Especially Zara is heaven, oh my god. I've bought a lot of things in 2 weeks, so no more shopping for me this month...except for one item: a Hermes bracelet! I will show you my new adorable things soon. By the way: look at this amazing top from Vic Beckham's new collection, that woman has a style to die for. Love it!

P.S: I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm busy with school and after I'm home it's too dark to take good outfit pictures, but spring is around the corner, which means better light, so better pictures. Oh and today I could have posted an outfit picture because I have the time, but it's my day off, and I don't think you guys are interested in my Juicy tracksuit ;)


3 Phylosophers:

Anonymous said...

Wat een prachtig vestje is dat zeg!

Jett said...

Wauw echt heel mooi! Echt jouw ding haha. NUDE!

You just got tagged! :)

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

Dat vestje is echt mooi!

xoxo, thn

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